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actividad evaluativa escenario 2 globalizacion

Pregunta 1
10 / 10 pts
Globalization is a worldwide process that consists of the interaction of countries in different dimensions: cultural, economic, environmental, social and technological. This process has an impact in people´s lives, since they are able to buy products, services and choose the best for them. Then, it can be said that the fact that a song can be heard in different languages is an example of:
Economic globalization.
Cultural globalization.
Technological globalization.

Pregunta 2
10 / 10 pts
The global competitiveness index measures 12 basic pillars that include:

Pregunta 3
10 / 10 pts
Innovation is one of the pillars of the Global Competitiveness Report. This pillar measures aspects concerning:
Technological readiness.
Health and primary education.
Market size.

Pregunta 4
10 / 10 pts
Globalization is a process that creates inequality and crisis for many people. At the end of Second World War, the allies met in San Francisco to create an institution to manage world peace: The United Nations. At the same time, in Bretton Woods were created the following institutions to manage the macroeconomic, monetary and commercial policies:
GATT, World Bank and IMF.
Bank of the Republic, Dian, and WTO.

Pregunta 5
10 / 10 pts
These countries are considered to be poor countries, due to their economic situation, and they are usually located in Africa and Asia:
Third level countries.
Second level countries.
First level countries.

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